Wanderers Emporium Kickstarter hit 150% funded! TWO New Collections! 69x minis.

Wanderers Emporium Kickstarter hit 150% funded! TWO New Collections! 69x minis.

Ready to Rule your TTRPG? Sinister & Class Minions Await in Wanderer's Emporium's Newest Kickstarter!

Greetings, adventurers!
We at Wanderer's Emporium are bursting with excitement (and maybe a touch of spell-slinging glee) to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for TWO brand-new collections of flat, hard-pressed cardboard miniatures has surpassed a 150% funding goal!
That's right, fellow dungeon delvers and tabletop enthusiasts, your incredible support has unlocked a treasure trove of epic proportions.
But the adventure doesn't stop here!
We're still charging towards even more stretch goals that'll pack your battlemaps with even more personality and peril.

So, let's peek at the loot you've helped unearth:

** The Sinister Pack (34x minis)**

Brace yourselves for a cavalcade of cunning creatures and shadowy schemers! From bone-chilling Wraiths to mind-bending Specters, this collection will inject your campaigns with a dose of deliciously dark flair.
Think Skeletons, Vampires, Banshee's, and more – all table ready to test the metal of your bravest heroes.

**The Class Pack (35x minis)**

Time to assemble your dream party!
This pack brings iconic RPG classes to life in stunning cardboard splendor.
Whether you're a stalwart Fighter, a cunning Rogue, or a wise spell caster, there's a miniature here to represent your heroic spirit
(and maybe a few subclasses for variety).
Think Paladins, Barbarians, Druids, Warlocks, and beyond!
And here's the cherry on top
(or should we say, the gelatinous cube in the corner?):
** Every physical backer** at any level will now receive a FREE sticker pack with our signature character art! Show off your Wanderer's Emporium pride on your notebooks, laptops, or even your dungeon master's screen.

So, how can you join the epic quest?

Head over to our Kickstarter page

(Click HERE to go to Kickstarter!)

Every contribution, big or small, helps us bring these miniature companions to life.

Adopt a mini today! Ha!

Remember, we wouldn't be here without your incredible support.
You're not just backers, you're heroes in your own right!
Together, we're creating something truly special, a breath of fresh air (or maybe a blast of eldritch fire) for the Tabletop RPG world.
Let's keep the adventure rolling!
Spread the word, share the campaign, and prepare to unleash your inner hero
(and maybe a few terrifying villains) on your tabletop battlefields!
We can't wait to see what epic stories you tell with the Sinister and Class Packs!
Onward to adventure!
-The Wanderer's Emporium Team
P.S. Don't forget to check out our website, Wanderersemporium.com, for more sneak peeks, art, and updates on the campaign!
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